Friday, January 1, 2010

Sometimes I wonder... my body is still even functioning. My body has been reacting to pretty much everything I eat nowadays, so I've started eating a ridiculously bland diet.

I usually have a bagel for 2 out of the 3 meals of the day and the other usually ends up being Spaghettios or a PB&J. That's how it's been for the past month or two. Obviously, I'll throw in a little something to mix it up if I'm feeling like an adventure...but my diet has mostly consisted of those 3 things.

So how does it still run correctly? When I take multivitamins, I feel all sorts of horrible, so I don't get vitamins/minerals from those. There's quite a bit of protein in Spaghettios and I'm sure some vitamins in the other things I eat, but I seriously doubt there is enough to keep my body going.

A lot of the time, it doesn't really feel like it's going to keep going. What do you guys do to make sure you're getting enough of everything while taking care of your GI tract at the same time?

I'd really like this blog to become a conversation tool for IBS people so please leave me comments and join in the discussion!


  1. I've started reading your blog from the beginning and this is how far I've made it. Idk if you even still wrote in it I forgot to look. But I just got diagnosed with IBS I'm 25 and have only had symptoms for 2 years. Everyone I know has had it since they were kids and I'm just now having symptoms. I have a huge fear of just leaving my house just so I don't have an "accident" I can't go to in laws or friends because I'm embarrassed to have an episode its completely taken over my life. I have a 1 year old daughter an fear I won't be able to tend her school activities when she vets older and things like that. How do you not have fear of "going" in public

  2. I've worked really hard at developing my calming techniques. They really help to calm my mind and my guts when I start to feel an episode coming on in public. My nerves aren't the only thing that control my episodes, but I've found that if I can calm myself down, I can buy my self at least an hour to get home. I do two different things- breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation. This is where I learned the techniques: