My Symptoms

After I eat what I consider to be a "trigger food:"
  • I start feeling really massive gurgles in my stomach about 10-30 minutes after eating
  • The gurgles progress into a frothy, gurgling feeling
  • I start feeling really hot and occasionally start sweating
  • I get light-headed (most likely because I start getting nervous)
  • Then I'll all of a sudden get a feeling of urgency
    • This is the equivalent to people feeling the urge to vomit when they're sick, but instead of vomiting it precedes diarrhea
  • I run to the bathroom and usually have very soft or liquid diarrhea
  • While going, I usually get pretty bad stomach cramps that often make me double over and I feel nauseous
  • Sometimes I get rigors while going to the bathroom that don't stop until hours later
    • Rigors are shaking chills...and when I say shaking, I mean my entire body is shaking uncontrollably
  • After going to the bathroom, I still feel like I'm never done
  • Even if I finish and try to leave the bathroom, I usually have to go right back

After I eat anything at all:
  • The gurgling happens, but doesn't get frothy
  • I get a really, really full feeling in my abdomen
  • My abdomen swells up really big (bloating)
  • I get a bad pain about 3 inches above my belly button that feels like a baseball is trying to make its way through my intestines