Saturday, April 30, 2016

IBSer on YouTube

It's inevitable that the number of comments on my posts and emails from you guys starts to go up when I start posting more, so I've been slowly getting through what I've received lately. I love hearing from you guys, so keep it coming!

I get a lot of requests to share links to others' blogs and websites, but I don't often do it. Honestly, I'm just here to blog about poop and help other IBSers not feel so alone. It's not that I don't want to link people to you guys, I just don't want to get too spammy or have too many posts dedicated to that. Make sense? However, I HAVE to tell you about the one I was linked to earlier this month. This guy posts up videos on YouTube about his IBS, and they're very well done, hilarious, and easy to relate to! And, let's face it, the written word is kind of being phased out while videos are all the rage... Anyway, watch the video below then give him a follow!

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