Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rough Week So Far

Like the title says, it's been a rough week so far. I've become so used to gliding through my weeks, that I wasn't really prepared for a hiccup. I hadn't had a bad episode in a long time, and when it happened on Monday, I was really surprised. When I would have episodes regularly before, I'd be incredibly prepared. I'd have all my drugs ready and waiting, placed at different spots around the house so I could act no matter where I happened to be when it hit. Even thought I still carry Pepto, GasX and Immodium around with me everywhere I go, I haven't used them in months (knock on wood).

Well, I guess that's not true- I do use GasX on a regular basis. That seems to be the one symptom I can't get to go away for more than a day. I just mean that I haven't had to depend on my drugs for a while. It used to be that if I ever found myself away from the house without my bag, I'd freak. Now I calm myself and realize that I'm fine without them.

When it happened this time, I was luckily at home. All of my drugs were at my fingertips, should I need to use them. But I learned in the past that using any of them usually meant a vicious cycle. I'd have diarrhea and instantly take Immodium. The result? I'd end up with slight constipation for a week. I'm slower to grab for that one now because then I'd start to bounce back and forth from diarrhea to constipation and that does not make for a happy Rachel.

Even though wasn't really ready for an episode to strike again, I think I was almost expecting it. I have just been feeling a little run down lately and have been really stressed thanks to a few test grades. That combination always meant an episode would be on its way, ready to take advantage of me in my already run down state. I just wish that this one had been a little bit nicer. I think my IBS was mad at me for forgetting about it. ;)

In addition to the IBS, I also have had a migraine all week. It just went away earlier today. I don't know how many of you IBS'ers have migraines along with your IBS, but it is not fun at all. The migraines are a pretty recent development for me- I started getting them about a year ago and they have become pretty regular. Since I'm a little put off by doctors, I haven't had it checked out. I think it could be related to hormones since they come with my period's beginning and again when it ends, but they also seem to be correlated to IBS episodes. If I ever have an episode, I usually get a migraine. My guess is that it's probably because when I have an episode, I tend to avoid food for a bit while my body resets itself. No food=headache, and in my case, a migraine.

Whatever the cause, it has made for one miserable, painful week and I can't wait for it to end!

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