Sunday, September 25, 2011

Being bad on purpose

I was bad last night. We went over to a friend's house to watch a movie, and we didn't get home until 11:30 or so. I hadn't eaten dinner, so I was just going to grab a bowl of dry cereal.

Usually, if it's after 8pm, I don't eat because I've found that if I do, I wake up with a very angry stomach. Last night, however, I was just really hungry and a bowl of cereal didn't sound good. What did sound good was a bowl of oatmeal and a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Poptart. For me, this meal equals bad news. Oatmeal always make me feel like I need to use the restroom right away, and the Poptarts just destroy my stomach, so this meal choice was a horrible one, especially at almost midnight. The oatmeal made it even worse because it has nuts and seeds in body won't even touch those, but it does make it angry. But I wanted to do something that I was sure would cause me problems and see what happened.

I was fully expecting to wake up the next morning and have to book it to the bathroom.

I had to wake up early this morning because the DirecTV guy was supposed to be here from 8-noon, so I got up before 8 and started tidying up the house. It was a complete wreck, so I was busy until about 9. That's when I stopped all of a sudden and just started laughing. I didn't even have to go. First of all, I'm never given the choice of whether I have to go or not- when I've gotta go, I have to go. But this morning, I didn't even feel the need to at all. That never happens. Ever.

I wake up every morning, and go to the bathroom right away. Literally, every single morning without fail. Even though this has been a fabulous weekend so far thanks to my symptoms holding off, I'm still reluctant to say this is because of the coccyx adjustment. I won't determine that until I've gone more than a month without symptoms, but things are looking up.


  1. Oh gosh, I hope it lasts! Mine has been so weird lately- I don't have certain "trigger" foods so much anymore, but this week I've been getting a lot of pain/urgency (PMS...lovely.) I've been able to sort of work through it most of the time- I'm a receptionist so I can't just up and leave my desk, so I have a lot of tactics to try and quiet things down. I've also had a lot of urgency after dinner, because I've been eating a liiiiiittle high-fat this week and it seems as though I have Habba Syndrome-esque symptoms sometimes (high-fat = OH GOD URGENCY.)

    OVERSHARING ASIDE... I have also noticed the tailbone pain returning. Again, it's nothing I ever thought could possibly be related to my IBS- and maybe it isn't- but it's definitely there. I'm going to keep watching to see how this goes for you!

  2. There's no such thing as oversharing here! I've never heard of Habba Syndrome, though, so I'll have to look it up. I have lots of issues with high fat food causing urgency.

  3. Hi Rachel - great blog! I've been reading through the entries and I identify with so much of what you say. It's horrible to look at lovely food and have to make a choice between good food and good bowels...

    I run the IBS Tales site at and I've just written a book called Sophie's Story: My 20-Year Battle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Would you be interested in having a look at a copy? It's basically my IBS life story!

    If so please let me know (you can contact me through the website) and I will get one sent out to you. Hope today is a good for you.

  4. You know, I keep meaning to check out your site, but I never find time to sit down and go through it. I'll have to schedule it or something lol. And I'd love to read a copy of your book...I'll contact you through your site.